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Adobe captivate 9 question slides 無料ダウンロード.Adobe Captivate を使った質問スライドの設定方法


Adobe captivate 9 question slides 無料ダウンロード.Captivate での PowerPoint プレゼンテーションの読み込みと編集


Multiple-choice question slides.Adobe Captivate のダウンロード方法

Apr 27,  · サブスクリプションを購入するか、無償体験版を起動した場合の、Adobe Captivate のダウンロード手順を確認します。 Apr 26,  · Insert a sequence question slide (Quiz > Question Slide > Sequence). Sequence question option. On stage, type the question replacing the dummy text. Sequence question placeholder. Enter the list in the correct order. Captivate shuffles the answers in the list and displays them to users in random sequence Adobe Captivate 9 – Working with Images on Question Slides In this video I show you how to work with images for question slides in your Adobe Captivate eLearning project Did this video help you solve a problem?

Adobe captivate 9 question slides 無料ダウンロード.Captivate での PowerPoint プレゼンテーションの読み込みと編集

Apr 28,  · Adobe Captivate ( release) にアセットパネルが読み込まれない場合は、このリンクで解決策を確認してください。 Mac OS Catalina に対応した Adobe Captivate ( release) 用のアップデートが公開されました。 Sep 13,  · Adobe Captivate ( release) にアセットパネルが読み込まれない場合は、このリンクで解決策を確認してください。 Mac OS Catalina に対応した Adobe Captivate ( release) 用のアップデートが公開されました。 Nov 11,  · B. question_mc_9, question_mc_10 C. question_9, question_10 お客様がご購入の前に、無料で弊社の9A試験「Adobe® Captivate® with eLearning Suite Extensions」のサンプルをダウンロードして試用することができます。PDF版とソフト版の両方がありますから、あなたに最大の

The default multiple choice question contains a placeholder question and two answer choices: A and B. If the question has more than one correct answer, choose Multiple Answers in the Quiz Properties panel. Opomba: Select Shuffle Answers Quiz Properties panel if you want the choices to appear in a different order each time the user returns to this question.

To specify the correct answer s , click the radio button or the check boxes that correspond to the correct answer choices on stage. In this case, the options are represented by radio buttons because the option Multiple Answers is disabled.

If the option is enabled, you see check-boxes instead of radio buttons. Select Partial Score to assign partial scores to answers. Then, select the answer item, and specify the points you want to award in the Advanced Answer Option in Property Inspector. Opomba: You cannot set partial scores for multiple choice questions in question pools. For information on question pools, see Random question slides. The variable, cpQuizInfoQuestionPartialScoreOn , indicates whether or not partial score is enabled for a question slide.

Specify other properties for the question slide in the Quiz Properties panel. For detailed information, see Quiz properties. The default true-or-false question slide contains a placeholder question and the answer choices: True and False. To establish the correct answer, click the correct answer—True or False—on stage.

You can replace True and False with Yes and No if required. Select Shuffle Answers if you want the choices to appear in a different order each time the user returns to this question.

Opomba: You cannot change the question type once the question is created. Delete the slide and create another question type slide. Double-click inside the answer box that is just below the question. The Correct Entries box appears. Type the sentence or the phrases that constitute correct answers. You see that a drop down list appears adjacent to the placeholder text.

This list helps you specify the correct match for your questions. When your users answer the question, the answer is validated against the correct answer you specify in this list. Do not specify the correct match in Column 2; use the drop-down list to specify the correct match.

To add more rows to the columns, specify the required number in Column 1 and Column 2 fields in the Quiz Properties panel. If you want the choices to appear in a different order each time the user returns to this question, choose Shuffle Column 1 in the Quiz Properties panel. Hotspot slides contain areas that the user must identify. For example, you can ask the user to identify company products from images displayed on the slide.

Answers to hotspot questions are correct if all the correct hotspots are clicked and none of the incorrect hotspots are clicked. The default hotspot slide contains placeholder text for the question and one hotspot area represented by a rectangle. Add objects to the slide, for example, images, that you want to use as hotspots, and position the hotspot areas on these objects. For each hotspot area, set the properties such as, fill, stroke, correct answer using the Property Inspector.

For more information, see Set hot spot properties. To disable mouse clicks on slide areas other than hotspots, click Allow Clicks Only On Hot Spots. To customize the animation that appears when users click a hotspot, click Browse, and select the animation. If clicking the hotspot is to be marked as a correct answer, in the Properties panel of Property Inspector.

Click Correct Answer if the hotspot is to be marked as a correct answer when users click it. Click Show Hand Cursor Over Hit Area to make the hand icon appear when the mouse is moved over the hotspot. In the Color menu, specify a value for alpha. To apply a shadow effect to hotspot area, edit the Shadow and Reflection properties. To apply the properties to multiple hotspot areas on the slide and across the project, click Apply to all items of this type.

A sequence slide provides a list of items to be arranged in the correct order. For example, you can display a list of Polish kings and ask the user to arrange them chronologically.

In the Answer Type list, specify the mode in which you want your users to arrange the answers in the list. Rating scale questions are not graded and have no right or wrong answers. You can, however, decide what happens after the user completes the rating scale, such as continuing to the next slide, opening another project, or displaying a URL. In the Quiz Properties panel, specify the number of answers and the number of rows of survey questions you require.

Complete the After Survey specification in the Action area of the Quiz Properties panel. The After Survey area is the same as the If Correct Answer area as described in the general workflow. Developers creating the question widget in Flash must use a template code for efficient integration of the question widget into Adobe Captivate. For more information, see Create question widgets. If type is Graded Edit the number adjacent to Points 1 t0 to specify the score a user gets by answering a question correctly.

To award negative points to wrong answers, specify the required points as Penalty. Do not include the minus sign while specifying this value.

The variable, cpQuizInfoNegativepointsOnCurrentQuestionSlide, helps you know if a question is configured for negative points. In the Captions section, specify the time limit and the captions to be included:.

In the Action area, specify the number of attempts, failure levels, and the action to be taken after the users visit the slide and the last attempt. For more information, see On Success options and Last attempt options. Also, specify an Interaction ID. For more information, see Reporting options. The Review area displays a preconfigured message to your users when they review the quiz using the Review Quiz button on the Quiz Results slide.

In the Action area of Quiz Properties panel, select the action that should take place after the user provides the correct answer from the On Success menu:. Select the number of times the user can attempt the question. After this number of attempts, the action you select from the Action pop-up menu occurs. Specify the number of attempts for which the incorrect message is displayed.

For example, if the level is set to 2, the error message is displayed for the first two attempts. Display a message when the user supplies an incorrect answer but there are remaining attempts available. This option is disabled if failure levels have been set.

This option is disabled if you have chosen the Drag Drop option. On stage, edit the dummy text to specify the appropriate message. Select Timeout Caption to display a timeout message when the user fails to answer the question in the specified time. Opomba: Interactive details like interaction ID, objective ID, and interaction type are not sent to the learning management system LMS if this option is not selected. However, details of the quiz, such as the total score, result, and quiz state, are still sent to the LMS.

If you want the Adobe Captivate project SWF file to send tracking information to your LMS, enter the interaction ID specified by your LMS.

Opomba: Although you can provide a name, the answer area is not available in Advanced Actions. Select a style for the answer area. For more information on object styles, see Object style.

Use this accordion to specify the fill and stroke properties for the answer area. Click to fill the answer area with a color and type the transparency in percentage in the adjacent field. You can also choose a gradient fill or a texture fill.

See Apply gradient fills and Apply texture fills for more information. Click to fill the stroke with a color. Use the Width slider to specify the width of the stroke line.

Choose a style for the Stroke line from the Style list. Use this section to define the exact size or location of the answer area in terms of pixels. You can also specify the rotation of the answer area in this section. To learn more about Captivate and how you can create engaging learning content, download the following projects:.

Pravna obvestila Pravilnik o zasebnosti v spletu. com spremenita. Captivate Navodila za uporabo. Na tej strani Multiple-choice question slides True-or-false question slides Fill-in-the-blank question slides Short-answer question slides Matching question slides Hotspot question slides Sequence question slides Rating scale Likert question slides Question widget slides Quiz properties Quiz Review area Answer area properties Download sample projects. Velja za: Captivate. 某些 Creative Cloud 应用程序、服务和功能在中国不可用。.

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