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Windows Размер: в компании ASUS была разработана программа ASUS GPU Tweak. Данная утилита позволяет работать с адаптерами разных производителей. Система /bit Microsoft® Windows® 10 / 8 / / 7. Установка GPU Tweak II: Убедитесь, что у вас установлена графическая карта ASUS и ее драйвер.  · ASUS GPU Tweak II on bit and bit PCs. This down load is accredited as freeware when it comes to Windows (bit and little bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop computer from video clip tweaks without restrictions. ASUS GPU Tweak 2 is present to all the software users as a free of charge install for Microsoft windows.4,1/5(32).


Asus gpu tweak 2 download windows 10.ASUS ¦ GPU Tweak II

 · ASUS GPU Tweak on bit and bit PCs This down load is accredited as freeware for the house windows (bit and bit) operating-system on a laptop or desktop computer from video tweaks without restrictions.4,4/5(25). download asus gpu tweak ii today ASUS GPU Tweak II provides an intuitive program to gain access to serious functionalities, all right at your fingertips. Together with best part is, you’ll access all of that on-the-fly, even in-game – all with one mouse click.  · Asus GPU Tweak2 GPU Tweak allows you to enhance clock speeds, voltage and fan rates on as much as four graphics cards individually or simultaneously, you can pick between GPU Tweak 4,4/5.
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New features and UI designs from our passionate community tend to be constantly added through frequent revisions. The effect is an exceptionally intuitive and able utility.

For the previous couple of years, we have been working closely with lovers from all strolls associated with the industry to establish the following chapter into the GPU Tweak saga. This could allow us to create an even more versatile foundation upon which we could develop Boosting GPU overall performance past default requirements is, needless to say, a critical function for a graphics card energy.

GPU Tweak III is made to simultaneously cater to users looking for an automatic overclocking experience, and also to enthusiasts who desire complete manual controls. Integrated performance profiles and OC Scanner for NVIDIA GPUs provide the plug-and-play experience, while devoted sliders for time clock offsets, wattage, thermal thresholds, and frame rate limitations place complete control at the fingertips of experienced tweakers. GPU fans, along with any system followers attached to FanConnect headers, are totally tailor-made with options for static RPM options and user-defined curves.

A few of these configurations can be conserved to profiles alongside favored voltage and clock configurations. This particular aspect is especially convenient for users looking to optimize performance and lover rates for a multitude of software.

Distinct overclocking and fan speed profiles are designed for certain games and programs and then GPU Tweak effortlessly manages the remainder. Efficiency monitoring is a core focus in this version, therefore we added system power and lover RPM hooks towards the currently powerful stat tracker.

The entire monitor program is also today detachable, scalable, and arrangeable into either a numerical range view or a grid-based graph structure. The position and dimensions may be scaled as essential, and since people is now able to connect OSD profiles to games through Profile Connect, we have added a Preview mode, to make certain that saved screenshots may be used to check always how OSD adjustments will show up in-game. See GPU specs, default and boost clock thresholds, driver info, computing technologies, and much more.

It features contemporary stress-tests and artifact scanners based on OpenGL and Vulkan. Utilize it to try GPU stability and thermal performance. XSplit Gamecaster gets you establish for lag-free streaming and recording in seconds. Designed for gamers by gamers, Gamecaster allows you to jump right into article marketing having its automatic flow optimizer and huge library of overlays. Armoury Crate lets you easily customize burning and effects for your layouts card as well as other ASUS items through an intuitive user interface for unified RGB settings.

QuantumCloud is a straightforward and secure service that lets you effectively make more money by putting your idle GPU to function. Should you want to decide to try the the new pc software experience, decide to try the beta version. Fan controls, OSD assistance, and quality of life improvements had been our focus because of this upgrade, and we also was able to fix a lot of community-requested insects on the way!

Begin to see the spot records here to find out more. This big upgrade fixes several vital issues that have already been delivered to us by our neighborhood as well as adds a lot of quality-of-life modifications to nearly every part of the pc software.

Thanks to everybody else who sent us feedback! Look at the patch records for details. The complete software has-been redesigned, a unique OSD design is included, and this may be the start of our Profile Connect function. What do you need to inform us about? Please describe the problem since clearly as possible. Just what illustrations card s had been you using? Just what had been the driver variation s associated with visuals card s?

Exactly what version of Windows are you currently making use of? How do you find this? Kindly upload any screenshots you’ve got regarding the concern. An aggressive fan curve increases RPMs to wind up cooling for the highest possible boost clocks. A soft lover bend keeps fans quiet during less-demanding workloads and only pushes rates to an audible degree if the GPU is under full-load.

QuantumCloud QuantumCloud is a straightforward and safe solution that lets you effortlessly make extra money by putting your idle GPU to work. Newest variation v. Did you discover a bug? Is there something we are able to enhance? Care to talk? How many other programs had been you operating at the time? Are you able to result in the concern happen again? What Central Processing Unit were you utilizing? What motherboard had been you using? Upload image.

Microsoft exterior professional tablet goes on sale on January 26?
09.01.2021 [02:43],
Vladimir Mironenko

Microsoft’s statement regarding the upcoming exterior professional, slated for early 2021, has actually sparked hearsay that the latest item is likely to be unveiled during the early January at CES 2021. Users are not also perplexed because of the fact that the application giant decided not to be involved in 2021 in this occasion, usually held in January in Las vegas, nevada.

Nonetheless, lots of sources continue to insist upon the look of the area professional this thirty days. According to CNET, employees of several Microsoft retail stores have announced that Surface Pro deliveries are anticipated in late January.

It is possible that Microsoft exterior professional will go on sale on January 26. As a reminder, during the statement associated with the Surface RT tablet on October 26, it absolutely was established that the area Pro running Microsoft windows 8 will likely to be introduced in three months. Additionally there is speculation that the area Pro are established on January 29. The outer lining Pro version with 64GB of flash storage are available for $ 900, while the model with 128GB of inner storage space will definitely cost $ 1000.

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