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Downloads. Logger32 update v info | grab. Logger32 Comprehensive v information | down load. Logger32 Comprehensive v information | install. Logger32 Upgrade information | download. Language data Please direct all Logger32 program related concerns to the Logger32 forum at Home | Screenshots. Apr 19, �� Logger32 (Loggerexe). LOGGER32 is a logging program created to be an extremely user-configurable, general purpose amateur radio logbook with computer control support for most radios and antenna rotators. This system features seven user-definable log entry page items, logs a lot more than M QSOs, realtime satellite monitoring, and so many more. Apr 19, �� LOGGER32 is a logging system developed to be a highly user-configurable, general purpose amateur radio logbook with computer control assistance for many radios and antenna rotators. The program features seven user-definable log entry page items, logs significantly more than M QSOs, realtime satellite tracking, and several more/5(13).


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Jul 05, �� The version of Logger32 you will be about to install is This grab is offered to you personally free of charge. The contents associated with grab tend to be original and are not modified in any way. The program is periodically scanned by our anti-virus system. Mar 16, �� Logger32 – X bit install – xbit grab – freeware, shareware and software downloads.4/5(8). INSTALL Logger32 for Windows. Load comments. This enables Disqus, Inc. to process a few of important computer data. Disqus online privacy policy. DOWNLOAD NOW. Logger32 add to watchlist deliver us an update.
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Stay home and luxuriate in DXing. Under assessment. Kindly inform me if you like to try. Ideas to use Utility program 1. energy program must operate as Administrator, otherwise it doesn’t work precisely. Most utilities are writen in VB and VB Kindly inform me when you yourself have any issue.

Mouse click each energy to see details. They are all utilities which are currently supported. Other old resources were not any longer supported. Please inform me if you want help. ViewAppDataDirectory ver1. Within my energy programs writen by VB and VB configurations are conserved in individual. If this energy runs it show the trail of regional folder. Overview series utilities. Once you specify your ADIF course then you need not specify the road on set up unless course is changed for some reason.

WorkedConfirmedSummary ver1. SummaryBandMode ver1. Standard this current year is existing 12 months. You may choose any 12 months. SummaryQSObyMode ver1. If “Show All time chart” is checked then chart for many time is exhibited.

If “Show All time chart” is not examined then chart for chosen year is shown. Default is it year Click any line Year above to pick year. Chosen year is highlighted with light-yellow. This chart are resized. SummaryFT8 ver1. SummaryIOTA ver2. Mouse click File within the Menu club. ClubLogUpload ver4. General features 1. Download LoTWReport. Down load eQSLReport.

M enu Right click on the location with yellow backgroud color to demonstrate selection. Pick proper options and click “Grab report”. CallsignLookup utility Following programs are available. Each energy works along with Logger32 ver3. It doesn’t work as stand-alone. Essential note: These CallsignLookup utility do not require any configurations in Logger32 Auto Lookup, Web callsign search outside and Internet callsign lookup internal If you’d like to operate these resources from Logger32 Utility menu then configure any utility as energy program.

Tools,Utility program setup. Type callsign in Logbook entry window or click DX spot. Lookup data are presented. If “car transfer to Logger32” is examined then after information are transfered to Logger32 immediately on lookup. Lookup energy search this callsign and display lookup information. Mouse click callsign package to update this QSO. LookupQRZ ver. You will need to sign up for this service. LookupHamQTHxml ver 1. It is much faster than their ADIF service. VE added in ver1. LookupHamQTH ver1. Its free, you should be signed up.

LookupHamCall ver2. Free member allow 30 times search per day. Run Logger32 2. in the event that you get Setup table then type your Username and Password. Right click “LookupHamCall” showing selection.

See following actions. CheckCall ver7. Appropriate click on “Logger32” to exhibit menu. Click “start text file” and choose your text file to use. P op-up screen seems only if coordinated callsign is located.

It disppears when Logbook entry window is cleared. CheckFriend ver1. It shows matched name and transfer title automatically in title industry in Logbook Entry Window.

Right click title club to show selection. Once you run CheckFriend very first time, select correct text file. Always check “car transfer” if you’d like to transfer title immediately in Logbook Entry Window. Click “X” to shut examineFriend. Initial word is Callsign. The second word must be Name. The language after third tend to be dismissed. UDP decoder ver1.

Click “Change shade” option to change graph color. This is beneficial to check your antenna. Green for antenna-A and Red for antenna-B. Other data for Logger ResConv Install. Test Download. Right click Menu. You could transfer after data to Logger Name State the very first 2 letters for USA.

Stats by year added. Bug fixed. New features added. See under. State for Canada Province added. QSOs by Year chart included. Tiny change in look. Downsized form of previous SummaryFT8. The most recent JCC.

Intel to cease desktop computer motherboards
24.01.2021 [07:00],
Alexander Budik

Intel is manufacturing desktop computer motherboards under its brand name for over 20 years. However these panels are not extensive. They could be discovered mainly in business systems.

In accordance with PCWorld, citing Intel spokesman Dan Snyder, the Santa Clara-based processor huge plans to phase on PC motherboards within the next three-years. By the launch of Haswell processors, it will launch its solutions with support for these potato chips, which will be the newest desktop motherboards from Intel. The organization will support them throughout the warranty duration, but will not intend to release new models from then on.

Intel’s choice is very clear. Currently, the desktop PC market is no longer developing at the same speed as before, therefore the requirement for motherboards has actually diminished. In inclusion, the products of these organizations as ASUSTeK Computer, GIGABYTE Tehnology, MSI, ASRock totally fulfill marketplace needs, are endowed with many of good use functions and technologies as well as in many cases compare favorably with Intel solutions in price.

Nevertheless, Intel will not completely leave the motherboard market. She’ll simply change to various other, much more promising type elements. The organization will focus more on the introduction of boards for NUC-systems, all-in-one computers, ultrabooks.


  • Financial digest: outcomes of the week, January 14-18, 2021, within the IT industry;
  • GIGABYTE to boost deliveries of laptops and motherboards;
  • Axiomtek industrial Mini-ITX board for Ivy Bridge.

a source:

  • PCWorld