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Vesperia definitive edition collectors book free download.Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – Collector’s Book Completion Guide


Vesperia definitive edition collectors book free download.8. Tales of Vesperia Collector’s Book


Collector’s Book.Guide for Tales of Vesperia – Collector’s Book

Sub-Events: The Collector’s Book The Collector’s Book is similar to the Enemy Book, although it offers all relevant information on the various items obtained throughout the game instead of enemies. Jan 03,  · Item description: Tales of Vesperia Definitive edition New game +, Monster Book Collector’s Book Trophy [CUSA] I now have my plat. Here’s my Save for the monster book. Monster Book. Go down the escalator and kill the soldier with the lance near the river and Voilà. Here my save for the Item Nerd and They Call me. Bradygames Strategy Guide of Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox Can also be used for the Definitive Edition released for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Just don’t expect coverage of Patty Fleur and Flynn Interaction Count:

Vesperia definitive edition collectors book free download.Collector’s Book – Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

Sub-Events: The Collector’s Book The Collector’s Book is similar to the Enemy Book, although it offers all relevant information on the various items obtained throughout the game instead of enemies. Jan 13,  · Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. Carry Over Collector’s Book Carry Over Enemy Book Carry Over Recipies And I WANT all skits unlocked. So I’m going to have to download someone elses game when they complete a run with that option selected. lol But I don’t care that could be months from now. Thanks Homer good team work. [Vesperia Definitive Edition] Item Book % I just finished Monster Book % so I thought it was time to tackle % items. I am sitting at 97% right now and, while I know about the Hyouta site, I’m wondering if anyone has the totals for what each item section should total out to (for instance, I have 46 total consumable items in my book.).

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Chance you could lose them if you dont. I had help from someone testing this out. It worked for them after we figured it out. So thank the both of us. First you need to download the two save files. Located below. Second your going to need to place them into your save file directory. If they don’t show up in game. Restart your PC that usually fixes it.

Load the one save located at final boss. And beat the final boss. Skip cutscenes if you want. However you will see who the final boss is so Now New Game Plus should appear. Save slot It has Grade. When you get asked to create a save file for clear data. After you beat the final boss. Save it to an empty slot. And don’t delete or overwrite it. Your game needs to keep it as a flag.

If your still getting 0 Grade check and make sure it’s not on Easy! No one has confirmed this one way or another. But comments here that on the version DLC’s could cause issues with saves working later if those DLC’s were removed something like that. I don’t think the same issue exists. But if you want to test it. Remove or don’t install the DLC.

I think it will be fine but if your worried about it check if they work without DLC and in offline mode read the comments made by other uses here for more info. Here is some important information! You will still get all the skits in game like normal. I tested it quickly and I got the skit right after Yuri jumps out of the window. Thanks for the information!

One important advice to anyone inexperienced with Grade Shop unlocks: Be very careful about the following unlocks, if you don’t want to preclude triggering certain skits naturally or spoil certain stuff about the game: — Cooking Skill — Titles usually not skit-related, but can include spoilers both visually when costumed or in their description — Unlocking All Skits-option This is only an issue if you CARRY over RECORDS as well!

Found out that since grade was maxed in this file. You could no longer obtain more grade while playing. This kind of ruined the immersion. So if you downloaded the save file that was in SLOT It was max grade. The same link in Step one now has a replaced file It’s slot 20 so that you know it’s a new upload. It has grade. Way more than enough to get all grade options. But now you can still earn grade! So if you already started your game. You may need to restart if this issue bothers you.

Download the corrected save file if you wish. See Dev’s it’s not difficult to patch your mistakes. Give it a try! I used Speedhack on CE x to rush though the game. And exp hack to max my levels so I could go as fast as possible. Took me about 7 hours. Choose whatever grade options or carry over what you want. I don’t think I used any stat increase herbs thoughout the run. If I did I only used one. I did use the recipe DLC. So if you carry over Recipies your going to have a ton of them.

You may not want that. I thiink that’s all the most important information. I will answer questions as I see them etc. Let me know if you have issues. I may not be online for many hours after posting this. But later on I will check the comments if there are any. See Luke’s forum post here. But there it is if your interested. Showing 1 – 15 of 65 comments. Reob View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Ryan :. Also Ryan did it work?

I kind of need at least one more person to say it worked. Cheers mate, sharing this grade-pimped save is excellent indeed, and very nice of you to think of us all! The one thing I regretted when starting my first run on PC was that I couldn’t benefit from the multiple playthroughs I had done on the Your welcome!

I was going around and asking people. I knew a few people who had beat the game. But they would not friend me so I could ask them. Another user said they would do it but they were days from beating the game at best.

I was two hours in But I had no time for this. And I was only 2 hours in. And if I waited days and no one was uploading a save.

I would be wasting more time. So I booted up the Speedrun from speedrum. And shadowed it. Did what they did I was slower than them even with cheating etc. But I sat for 7 hours and finished the run.

So now I get to share it. The game time on the save is a lot longer than 7 hours. Because I was running it between 3x-5x speed as needed. Please though Homer let us know if you got the saves to work and were able to start your New Game Plus after choosing your grade options and that it worked.

Than I have some more work to do. Let me know if you need help. S As a bonus not only did I beat the game. But I watched every second of the World Record Footage it was fun to watch, and they skip cutscenes and stuff too so I did not get spoiled much They don’t use DLC or cheats, or speed hack.